No doubt you already know that if you give away 75-100% of your profits to affiliates, you’ll get more affiliates to promote for you.

And because you have more affiliates promoting, and promoting harder, you get more sales and a larger list of BUYERS that you can continue to sell to time and time again.

But did you also know that you can still make handsome profits from those products for which you’re giving away the commissions?

For example, let’s say you create a course on how to do something within the realm of online marketing. You sell the course for $10, or $50 or whatever, and you give away all your profits to the affiliates who promote for you.

The only profits you make up front are on the sales you personally make.

But inside the course, you’ve got affiliate links for the tools that you recommend.

For example, website hosting, autoresponders, software and so forth.

Pat Flynn has made fortune doing exactly this.

His Bluehost commissions alone were over $50,000 a month the last time I checked. He promotes commissions from Leadpages, ConvertKit, Demio, BuzzSprout, a WordPress theme, Teachable, Right Message and more.

He teaches how to do online marketing gets to promote all these programs that give him commission and ongoing residual income.

So the next time you’re creating a new product, remember to insert the affiliate links inside where appropriate. Be sure to only recommend products and services you firmly believe in, because your reputation will be on the line.

One more thing: It might be tempting to simply GIVE AWAY your product, since you’ve got those gorgeous affiliate links inside. The problem is, most people will never use free products because they don’t appear to have value.

But if people shell out their own money for a product, they are much more likely to use it. And when they do, they’ll be clicking on your links and earning you that sweet passive income.

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