Millions of People Are Struggling Financially And Facing An Uncertain Future.

Not Those Who Know The...


This is what came through just yesterday whilst I was out to lunch with my family!

...and you could see similar figures with a little guidance from me

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If you want change, this is a must-read letter.

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And don’t worry…It’s nothing to do with... MLM... Local business marketing... Gambling Sites… Paid Surveys... Amazon... Ebay... DropShipping... Push button software… Crazy Crypto currency speculation… or Forex Trading!

Clevan Haughton

I must say that for a newbie like me… It really does ‘hit the nail on the head’ when it comes to delivering on promises…If you are thinking about joining I would say go for it, you won’t regret it!


Steve Hall

Dear Friend,

My name is Steve Hall, and the first thing you should know about me is I’m not an internet marketing Guru.

I don’t drive a flashy car or have multiple luxury holiday homes.

I actually still work in a 9-5 job. (Which I love)

What I am an expert in however, is using online marketing to generate just about as much extra income as I want... In just a few days after I decide I want a new income stream.

I’ve discovered a system over the last few years for getting people to hand over their cash in return for giving them exactly what they’re searching for online. 

Hundreds of people are using my system to generate life changing online incomes...

And I want to show you how to do the exact same thing!

Sound good?

The Side Income System has allowed me to go from struggling financially to not having to worry about money ever again.

I Now Have The Following In My Life...

Online 'GURU' I am not…

Yet my Side Income System still allows all of the following:

HOLIDAYS: We take more holidays - we went to Japan twice last year and took 4 other foreign holidays. 

EATING OUT: We eat out whenever we want (and never worry about the bill).

FIRST CLASS TRAVEL: We like travelling first or business class as a treat.

FREE TIME: I have more time to spend with my daughter and my wife.

MORE CASH: We have money socked away for a rainy day.

It wasn’t always like this though.

The journey to make money online was not easy for me. In fact – there were times when… I cried like a baby…

My Journey To Discovering

The Side Income System…

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I’d been struggling for over 3 years to make money online. 

I’d tried everything from gambling sites, to Forex trading systems and every push button software system in the book. 

Maybe you’ve been there?

I even sold advertising to local businesses from a franchise magazine I bought into... and suffered numerous humiliating rejections when trying to sell advertising space.  

None of it worked. I lived with a crushing weight of disappointment... and that sinking feeling I was never going to make it

...That I was going to be trapped, and struggling to get by for the rest of my life.

I Also Feared The Unthinkable

I was petrified of:

Vanishing Jobs

This is a very real threat in the industry I’m in, where technology is changing all the time.

It’s probably very real for YOU too (Even if you don’t know it).

Just think of all the jobs that have gone by the wayside in recent years from travel agents... to milkmen... to floor based stockbrokers.

Technology is wiping out many traditional job roles every day. 

In the face of job loss, I would not be able to support my family and feared the dreaded uncertainty of how we would cope.

Vanishing Savings

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on a mountain for the past couple of years you’ll know and will have read and will have seen the massive banking scandals that leave every ordinary working class person like you and me broke with no savings.

Banks have closed...

And bank managers have been fired, imprisoned and even killed in some countries.

That leaves us not only with a huge distrust but possibly on the eve of destruction for the banking system as a whole.

Investments GONE.

Savings GONE.

Your retirement funds, going, going GONE!

Will Your Savings Be Next?

Vanishing Retirement

Retiring used to be a sure-fire thing. You got a job, worked until you were 65 years old, saved and put money into pensions and other financial funds.

As you are probably aware the funds have been snatched, collapsed and misused.

This has led to millions not knowing what to do next or even being able to think about retiring.

Many after the age of 65 years old have either had to try and get another job or do their best to hold on to their job for as long as possible beyond the age of retirement. 

A friend of my father who was a respected architect all of his life –lost most of his savings in financial scandals. 

At the age of 68 he had to get a job and ended up working on the local farm from 6am to 4:30pm daily and is still doing that job at the age of 73. It’s a far cry from his dreams of world travel and what he and his wife believed and were taught to believe would be a successful retirement

In the face of all this stress...

I figured I needed to stop playing and start a real business.

A new way of doing things.

On the train on my way to work one day... I got my first glimpse of success. Here’s what happened next…

I Cried Like A Baby…

A little embarrassing I know.

Here’s what happened.

I had set up a new sales campaign online. Then I headed off to work.

I had come across a guy who was teaching a new way of making money online a month before. He was not flashy. He did not promise millions. There were no flashy cars. It seemed real to me. He seemed genuine. 

I followed his advice... 

...and set up a number of the simple ‘money sites’ he was talking about.

I was so excited...

But nothing happened at all on the 1st day.

I got very down. I’d spent such a lot of time and money and effort in the last few years...I couldn’t take another failure.

It was a crushing feeling...

Everything felt like a colossal waste of time and money.

I had also spent $15k in the previous year trying to make this online business work. 

I'd been getting up at 5am and worked lunches and late into the evening.

All I wanted was 1 sale...

I needed this to work... but I went to bed deflated...

The pain of failure was too much to bear...

I headed off to work the next day feeling like an utter failure.

On the train to work I was mindlessly scrolling through e-mail on my phone... and I almost missed it.

I was suddenly jolted awake...

'You've made a sale!'

I was gobsmacked... I couldn't believe it...

But There It Was... $197 Had Come In Overnight.

I was so overwhelmed…I actually started to cry. 

Everything changed in that moment. 

It wasn’t just theory anymore!

I knew if I could sell one thing on the internet, then I could sell two, ten, hundreds, even thousands.

I felt like I could sell anything.

It was an amazing feeling!

...and then it just kept coming.

I started getting notification after notification on my phone. 

"You received a payment...."
"You received a payment...."
"You received a payment...."

It was fantastic!

And YOU can feel the same way.

The Side Income System was born

Here’s Some Interesting Facts About 

The Side Income System...

Interesting Fact # 1 

I ran a small campaign recently using my side income system. 

The result was £12,020.76 inside just 3 months

You could do the exact same thing. 

Here’s the proof.

Interesting Fact # 2

I got my first sale just 24 hours after implementing The Side Income System.

And many of my clients get similar results.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the sales start to come in when you implement its simple principles. 

Interesting Fact # 3

It only takes a few hours a week to run The Side Income System. So no matter what your schedule or workload... you will be able to fit it in.

Interesting Fact # 4

Typically it takes just a few days to start hitting $100 days.

Here’s the first weeks sales from a campaign I started recently.

Why the side income system succeeds where you may have failed before…

The Side Income System does not assume you have any knowledge on how to make money online. That’s where most online courses can let you down. 
They assume you know technical stuff or traffic or coding or SEO even some basic online marketing skills. 

You don’t need any of that.

You can literally start from scratch and have your first side income website up and running the same day.

And you don’t need any technical skills, or any coding…or any sales copy or marketing knowledge. 

Everything is laid out in simple to follow steps.

Just watch over my shoulder and I’ll explain everything.

And best of all…

You really can do this alongside a full time job…

The methods I will reveal to you for making money online do not taking endless hours to get right.

You won’t spend months trying to get it right.

As long as you have a few hours a week after or before work to put aside... 

You can make this side income system work for you. 

It’s up to you then, if OR when you want to quit your full time job.

The Side Income System is Accessible is Repeatable for ANYONE

Literally ANYONE can make this work. 

I myself have no special skills or third level qualifications. 

And I’m not a ‘techie’.

I’ve taught everyone from housewives to bricklayers to use The Side Income System to create extra cash flow in their lives. 

Are you going to be next?

Check Out What Current Members Have To Say About The Side Income System

"You really feel like you're getting an incredible amount of value from everything"

"For somebody my age who is not computer literate... Steve has made it so easy"

If I Can Do This, Anyone Can!

I attended a course with someone else but they wouldn’t even answer emails.

What a difference! When I have contacted Steve directly, I am genuinely impressed and grateful with the speed and quality of his response and support. It is motivating and uplifting. 

Paul Butterworth, 65 Years Young Man

Wow! This is Brilliant!

When I first joined I hadn't done anything like this before but when I contacted Steve with a few questions, he immediately put my mind at ease and went over and above to ensure that I got out of the blocks quickly.

I'm so excited to have my first website up and running, I am really optimistic that this opportunity will change my life around

Steph Reynolds, 41 Year Old Mum of 4

How Much Is It Really Possible To Make With The Side Income System?

The Side Income System could easily be a complete job replacing income. In fact, I could leave my job right now and do this full time. 

Only two things stop me...

... I actually like my job and find it very rewarding.

... I promised my wife I would not make any move until the mortgage is paid off (we are only months away from that).

The amount of money you can make though, is only limited by the number of side income systems you set up.

I would start this as a side income system at first OR a full time business if you’re not working right now- and then grow your income to the point where you’re comfortable. 

That could be £3000, £5000, £15000 or more a month. 

The Side Income System is...

The Key To Waking Up The Unlimited Income Potential Inside You

No matter who you are or what experience you have online -

You CAN easily create a lucrative online income. Once you understand the key principles and thinking process that drives prospects to hand over their hard-earned cash when they’re searching for something online.

This really is the single most crucial skill you could ever possess. 

The Power To Create Thousands Of Dollars At Will.

If you seriously want to wake up the wealth potential inside YOU and get explosive results online... then look no further.

Naturally, I cannot and will not guarantee your success as I do not know your work ethic.

But what I can tell you with 100% confidence, is that I can dramatically increase the ODDS of your SUCCESS.

What I can teach you is straight from the hip... which is simple, easy to understand, so that you can instantly put into action, what you learn.

Fair enough?

So let me be clear about…

Who Should Get My Side Income System?

ANY/EVERYONE who wants to start to escape the 9-5 grind... a job they hate or endless gridlock

ANY/EVERYONE who wants to work wherever they want with no limits.

ANY/EVERYONE who wants to make extra life changing income to pay the bills. 

ANY/EVERYONE who wants to build a side income until such time as they can leave their job and boss behind.

ANY/EVERYONE who want the freedom and choice to travel, buy what you like, eat in nice places, fly first class, and live life on your terms. 

Who should not get the Side Income System…

  • If you’re looking to make millions by this time next week
  • If you’re not willing to do a few hours work to get this system up and running. 
  • If you’re not willing to follow some simple instructions. 
  • If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme. 

What Is My Side Income System?

The Ultimate guide to generating a lucrative second income online!

Very simply, you will get hours and hours of pure content videos on exactly what it takes to create your own simple online income stream. In fact, multiple income streams.

It could be the turning point of your financial life...

Because I will teach you a true money-making, wallet fattening online skill that can change your life forever...

How to have multiple websites that can double, triple or quadruple your current salary...

Which means you can earn as much money as you desire.

You will be amazed as I peel open my mind and deliver to you... in rapid fire... more ways than you could ever imagine to explode your income using simple  websites (and you don’t need ANY technical skill).

I show you directly how to apply my side income principles to create the kind of income you want.

You will be blown away, ecstatic.

When you experience that kind of feeling, I know I've over delivered and you know you made a wise investment.

There will be... 

  • NO more wondering how others are making life changing one online while you are left on the sidelines.
  • NO more worrying about your future or how you will pay off the mortgage.
  • NO more worry about job insecurity... you will have a backup plan.
  • NO more boredom and BS office politics.
  • NO more rush hour traffic and early mornings.
  • NO more putting up with a boss you hate.
  • NO more living pays check to pay check and not feeling like you have enough to pay bills or luxuries.

YES... You can make serious money from the side income system and I personally know several people who make an absolute fortune... BUT let's be real for just a second.

This Is A Simple System. You Just Need To Follow It Step By Step And Carry Out The Instructions

How much money you make is going to be your decision which means...

YOU can make as much money as you desire with The Side Income System as long as you listen, learn and take action.

YOU are going to discover a cash-generating online system so you can turn your income on and off likes a tap which gives you total control of YOUR finances and your life.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover

  • You'll discover the inside secrets of exactly what I do when I'm creating ‘money sites’.
  • Discover how just one little money site pulled in over $6000 monthly with no changes needed for the past year.
  • How to create killer online promotions that hook in prospects, commanding them to literally stop what they are doing so they read every single word of your sales message as though their lives depended on it.

Sounds Brilliant Steve...
But Why Should I Believe A Word YOU Say?

FACT #1: I create simple side income money sites that regularly get their first sale within 24 hours and I can you show you how to do the exact same thing

FACT #2: One site I set up recently made a profit of £11,173 over 3 months.
That's just around $4000 a month. Here's the proof...

FACT #3 Another one has made over £20,000 in the last 6 months (about $26,000 USD). That's over $4000 a month!

FACT #4: I have several campaigns running as we speak that bring in a comfortable side income on complete autopilot. See some of the results below

FACT #6: I’ve taught hundreds of people in the last year to do the exact same as me and create a lucrative second income online

FACT #6: I’ve walked in your shoes and know what it takes to go from zero to having a real sustainable income coming in online.

Let’s Take A Look At What You Get When You Have Exclusive Access To The Side Income System today…

The Side Income System Is Your Master Key To…

  • An immediate lucrative extra income (no building a business for months on end or waiting around for results for ages)
  • Saving a fortune on courses that simply don’t work... OR pulling your hair out trying to get a complicated money-making system to work (this is really simple).
  • Finally showing people you can create a lucrative online business
  • Taking your first step to kissing a job or boss you may hate goodbye
  • Taking more free time and holidays when you need them.
  • Eating out more, travelling first class, and having more cash and security in the bank.

The Side Income System Can Work For ANYONE,
In ANY Online Market!

Imagine this for a second... 6 months from today, you could be lying on a beach in the Bahamas, on your second holiday that year or maybe even thinking about quitting your day job.  

I know that sounds crazy... but it's true! 

I take up to 4 holidays a year these days... just from the revenue from my side income system.

So How Much Is This Going To Set You Back?

Listen carefully... right now, my going rate for one-on-one training (which really doesn't cover any of what this new course does) is $500 an hour. 

To teach you this system one-to-one would cost you a total of at least $8,000-$10,000

Not only that, I haven't accepted a personal client for months now, so even if you wanted to hire me, you still would have to wait.

So Here's The Deal...

I'm essentially offering you this for a fraction of what it’s worth. Not $2000, or half of that or even half of that again. 

You are getting the side income system for…

Practically NOTHING!

I thought about this for a while and was going to slap a $497 price tag on it. 

Not cheap... but still a HUGE bargain, considering how much time and money The Side Income System can save and make for you! 

Not to mention the unfair advantage you'll have over every other online marketer!

Knowing all that, I knew there were still a handful of people out there willing to do what it takes... but still just can't come up with almost 500 hundred dollars.

So I set the price at just $197...

But! as a new subscriber, for a limited time only, I'm going to offer you access to The Side Income System for only:-

 a measly $27

ACT NOW And Get These Fast ACTION Bonuses Absolutely FREE

Fast ACTION Bonus #1
The Side Income System Vision Templates
Actual Value $64

Many people fail online because they have no solid idea where they want to end up.

They have no ‘compelling vision’ for their future. 

This system solves that issue by giving you a solid plan or goal to aim for in your new business.

Fast ACTION Bonus #2
The Side Income System Execution Plan
Actual Value $97

This goes along with the 'Side Income Execution Plan' video and shows you how to set out a concrete plan for the next 12 weeks. 

I’ve filled out the first section for you. It includes a done-for-you section from my course showing you step by step exactly what to do each week to succeed.

Fast ACTION Bonus #3
The Side Income System 
'One-Page-Website' Template
Actual Value $103

This is a fully working exported template of a Wordpress site with all the plugins and pages needed to get you going right out of the gate. 

Here you will get everything you need to get your first Side Income System set up and running.

That’s $264 worth of bonuses alone!

And If All of the Above Wasn't Enough I'll Even GUARANTEE It...

My Rock-Solid 'No Questions Asked' Guarantee

I know this works so I can take all the risk on this one!

Try The Side Income System for a full 30 days... 

And if in the extremely unlikely event that after following all the training and the action steps it doesn't work for you, then just let me know and I'll give you a quick and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

So Here’s What To Do Now!

Hit the add to cart button below right now. 

You will be taken to a payment page.

After you make payment - you will immediately be given access to the side income system.

You've seen what I have to offer and you know that you'd really have to be nuts to pass it up.

Knowing side income secrets like this will help you get anything and everything you could possibly want. And having a complete plan will jump-start you into amazing online success.

PS: Remember This is most likely your only chance to personally see what I want to share with you and for you to see I'm not just making this up... you need to jump on this opportunity right now while it's here... because I can’t guarantee it's not going to be around for long!

If you wait around here, where will you be a week, a month, or a year from now?

The same place you are right now. Nothing changes without you making a risk free decision here.

P.P.S. Seriously, don’t wait another second because when this is done, it's done. You know I’m not just saying that, either. Anyway, I’m the one taking all the risk... not you. 

But Steve: I don’t have time for a side income system. There are barely enough hours in the day right now.

No problem - The Side Income System only takes a few hours every week to make work. Literally anyone can create a lucrative side income no matter how much free time you have.

But Steve: I’m not internet savvy or technical in any way.

That’s not an issue. I cover all the technical stuff for you. I also provide full support if you get stuck in any way. 

But Steve: Is this some kind of MLM or offline business marketing solution?

Absolutely not. This is a proven way to make money online – without cold calling or bothering people you know or selling to them. 

But Steve: I’ve tried a whole bunch of ways to make money online before. How do I know this is going to work?

Unlike other online marketers out there, I know this works because I use it every day to make money online. And remember; you are covered by a 100% no quibble, money back guarantee.

Some More Happy Customers…

With Steve’s training and support I now have my first ever website up and running (I was quite excited about this if truth be known).


I highly recommend it, I certainly could not do this without you Steve!! 

Roger Dilks

The training and support Steve provides is absolutely excellent and it’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into his training material.

Bara Bergsdottir

I joined because I don't really want to be working this pay check to pay check 9 to now 10pm, Mon to Sat, working this linear lifestyle. Now, after joining this programme, I believe there is a chance after all, my dream of escaping the rat race will come true!

If you are thinking about joining I would say go for it, you won’t regret it!

Clevan Haugton